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"Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother."

~ African proverb


"When I was referred to Melanie by a close friend, I didn't realize that this experience would deeply change my life. I learned from her as a teacher and friend and was ...

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Celebrate Kids
Strengthen Your Child’s Immunity

FamilyI have raised seven unvaccinated children. I gave them a strong foundation through breastfeeding, great nutrition, a lively, healthy family life, and a mostly non-toxic environment. My children have very strong immune systems. I don’t believe in coddling them or trying to keep them away from other kids who are sick. Instead, I believe that their immunity strengthens and develops when they are naturally exposed to germs.

Helping your Child Adjust to The New Baby

GirlsA new baby can create an atmosphere of great excitement for the whole family. If you already have a child, remember that time and patience is needed in order to adjust to the anticipated changes in the family structure. The idea can be introduced in a natural way so that your child doesn’t feel threatened or pressured. Talk openly about the pregnancy and the baby but don’t make it the center of all conversations.

Healthy School Lunches

For most parents mornings are a rushed affair. Preparing a healthy and tasty packed lunch that doesn’t arrive at the end of the day squashed at the bottom of a book bag is a daunting task. With some careful planning, mornings can become a lot more relaxed and parents can go to work knowing they have provided a lunch that is satisfying and nourishing.


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