Melanie Waxman Counseling

Healthy DietMelanie provides way of life counseling in the following areas:
~ Healthy Life and Dietary Coaching
~ Private Cooking Classes
~ Feng Shui Consultations
Each consultation is designed to suit your needs and your pocket. Consultations can also be done by phone and email.

Healthy Life Coaching

Work with Melanie to develop a personal step by step dietary and lifestyle program to help you to live the life you love. Melanie will provide insight into the specific conditions, circumstances, lifestyle and environments that affect health. Melanie also offers pregnancy, children and family coaching.

Sessions may include:
  • Maintaining natural weight
  • Ways to strengthen health and vitality
  • The effect of different foods, ingredients and dishes on your health
  • Understanding Acid and Alkaline balance
  • Menu planning
  • Food energetics
  • Shifting belief patterns to empowering the self
  • The importance of connecting to nature for health
  • Home Remedies
  • Specific dietary recommendations
  • Exercise
  • Stress Relief techniques
  • Emotional Freedom techniques
  • The Eat Me Now book is offered for in-person sessions

Coaching includes the initial visit and emails.

These emails provide you with ongoing support and answer any questions or concerns. They also serve as a way to help you to make changes on a week to week basis.

Additional emails, massage, shopping or cooking classes may be added for an extra fee.

If you need additional time, you can schedule a phone chat for $25 per 15 minutes.

Macrobiotic Coaching is also offered via phone and email.

In person coaching fee - $200 plus emails and book
By phone - $175 plus emails
Cooking classes after initial coaching - $50 per person for a private class - family members may come for $25
You can also attend the regular cooking classes for $40 per person
Healing Massage - $85 per hour

Macrobiotic Education Days

Spend the day with Melanie, one on one and get started on your journey with Macrobiotics
Includes: - consultation, book, cooking class, lunch, discussions on acid/alkaline, making macrobiotics work for you, nutritional benefits, and a detailed look at the macrobiotic/living foods.
On-going support is included
11.00am-3.30pm for one person - $350 - bring a friend for $60 (this doesn't include consultation)

More information on the Education Day in Upcoming Classes

4 day Spa Stay in Melanie’s Home

Spend 4 days with Melanie, one on one and learn how to prepare delicious healthy macrobiotic meals that are filled with healing energy and love, and are designed for your specific needs.
This course includes 4 nights in Melanie's home.
Each day consists of:-

  • Hands on cooking,
  • Simple exercise routine,
  • 3 full meals,
  • Informal discussions on any of the following, menu planning, making macrobiotics work for you, nutritional benefits, food energetics, living foods, acid/alkaline, and/or nourishing emotions
  • Relaxing hikes in nature.
  • Ginger compress
  • Trips to local wholefood store
  • $800 for the 4 days

Private Cooking Classes

Learn how to make delicious healthy foods in the comfort of your own home. Classes can be arranged at Melanie's house too. All classes are vegetarian, non-dairy and include a wide selection of organic grains, fresh vegetables, mineral rich sea vegetables, exotic beans and bean products and delectable fruits and desserts. Melanie's meals are fresh, simple and stylish, the flavors clear and distinct and the textures, crisp and satisfying. Learn how to make healthy meals that sing on the palate and brighten the senses. Have fun and prepare dishes that will thrill your family and friends.

Private Cooking Class in Melanie's home - $125  

Private Cooking Class in Guest home to be arranged with client

Feng Shui Consultations

Melanie takes the mystery out of this ancient art to show you practical ways to make your home or office work for you. Melanie will give you the tools to create a lovely, peaceful and happy home environment or a stimulating workspace. Use Feng Shui remedies to make wonderful changes to your relationships, career, income, family, well being, and help you create your dreams and desires. Interior design advice, space cleansing and clearing clutter are also available.

Each consultation is designed to suit your needs and your pocket. Consultations can be arranged to include a site visit or they can be done by mail.

Feng Shui Training Day

Enjoy a day with Melanie and learn how to apply feng shui in the home. The morning is spent studying all the various aspects of feng shui and the afternoon spent on your home or another home of choice.

10am-4pm cost $300

Macrobiotic Study House Opportunities

I have space in my home for a few students who want to gain experience, improve their health on all levels, enjoy organic home cooking and 'live' macrobiotics. The family style living offers a wonderful chance to study macrobiotics in depth, to develop self awareness, improve cooking skills and enjoy fabulous high energy meals . Any classes held in the home are offered for free.

Length of time can vary. Prices vary according to length of stay.